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Terms Of Use - Free Ads SA -

Free Ads SA is a simple yet powerful classified platform allowing you to submit real-time advertising. Our terms of use are just as simple. All we request is you don't spam the classifieds or use it for follow links to boast your PageRank. Ads need to be posted under the most relevant category and need to be unique, not copy or scrapped.
Abusive and obscene languageThat said and done.

The classifieds is used by children so please don't post adult images or use abusive/obscene language.

Free and Paid Copy Advertising

Ads that have been copied all over the web will be removed. Free Ads SA will not and can not tolerate copy or scraped content. Users are to write unique original content. It is not possible for us to check all ads for copy but if we come across copy or scraped content we will remove the ads and even go as far as to ban profiles.

We do offer a SEO content writing service charged at R250 p/h for those of you that cant write your own content, or for that matter, for those of you that don't have the time.

Google's algorithm 'Panda' is based on quality and is programmed to detect scraped copy content, which will result in Free Ads SA been penalized. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

Outbound Links

Categories such as Property, Fraud and Scam, Military Products, Adult Dating, Things To Do and Tourism Business do support an HTML editor which allows links and HTML code. The links will however carry the rel='nofollow' attribute and WILL NOT pass PageRank.

Profile Links

Profile links has been disabled due to spam. You may however post a text link back to your site and a contact number.

Email Privacy

Your privacy is important to us, we do not display your email address. By default the email you registered with will be used for ad replies when users reply to your ads.

Plagiarism and Piracy

If you come across copyright infringement or piracy, feel free to email us via the contact us page. We will take immediate action and act according to our findings. Please supply as much information as possible.

Ad Removals

You yourself have total control over your ads. You can modify and delete as you please once logged-in to your account/profile.

If you forget/loss your login info navigate to the login page and click on 'I have forgotten my password, send me a new one by email!'. We will then send you your login information.

If all else fails, contact us via the contact us page. We will then remove the ad for you from our server. Once removed from our server Google and other search engines first need to crawl the 404 not found ad, only then will they amend the search results, which could take weeks to months.

Due to abuse and harassment from users that post ads and then contact us demanding removal from Google search results which we have very little control over we now charge for Google search results removals that are submitted via Webmaster Tools usually taking a few minutes to hours.

This is not a form of blackmail. You are in control of your own ads and can edit or remove them. Submitting removal requests via Webmaster Tools from Google search results takes time, that is why we request payment for removals from Google. We do NOT request payment for removals from our site.

Header and Footer Advertising

Header and Footer Ads (below example) appear at the top or bottom of Dynamic pages throughout the classifieds and are priced @ R350.00 per month or R100.00 per week (Read more about the difference between Dynamic and Static page Advertising)

The Header and Footer Ads are on a first come first serve basis and are limited to 2 per Header and 2 per Footer (a total of 4 Ads per page)

Paid promotion featured advertising

Paid promotion featured ads display below the main category listings (you can see them whenever you click on the name of a category like Cars)

Paid promotion featured ads are priced at R175.00 per month or R50.00 per week. The featured ads are on a first come first serve basis and are limited to 3 ads per category page.

Search result featured ads

Search result featured ads are search result lists containing ads from only one category like Economy Cars and are priced at R175.00 per month or R50.00 per week.

You place your ad, then contact us with the ad URL, we then pin your ad to the top of the category or search result page. Your ad will remained pinned even if new ads are submitted. Ads will only be removed when they expire or if payment is not made by the due date.