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Claassen Attorneys Inc.: An Optimal Solution for Personal and Professional Legal Matters    
Claassen Attorneys Inc. is a reputed law firm that specializes in providing legal services to the commercial sectors and is associated with property and family. The organization has managed to acquire widespread recognition probably because the professionals working here are constantly available to meet the needs to clients.

  • Address:Unit 9, Canal Edge 4, Fountain Road, Tyger Waterfront 7530 Bellville, Western Cape.
  • Phone:+27 21 914 9466
Do you need certificate in IELTS,TOEFL,CELTA,DELTA, GRE and other diplomas urgently? whatsapp:: +905338313731 R2,000.00  
Do you need certificate in IELTS,TOEFL,CELTA,DELTA, GRE and other diplomas urgently? whatsapp:: +905338313731 We offer our exclusive clients the ability to gain this certificates and many other documents. WE can also help you to get valid Work permits,Driver’s license ,second passport, checks clean, weed license and Visas to European ,USA,Canada and Australia .contact us at . Email : Skype: insue.embassy TEL: (0090)5338519831 whatsapp:: +905338313731
MM2 Yodi Pills, Botcho Cream For Curved Hips and Bums Scam    
The Ad 'MM2 Yodi Pills' by profzamasaleh has been removed by Admin due to copy, pure spam and scam!. Regards Admin, Free Ads SA
Typex A4 Copy Papers For Sale R110.00  
Admin has removed the Typex A4 copy paper Ad due to spam. Scam Adult Phone Chat Reviews - Hot Girls Live!    


Beware of Phone Sex Chat Tramps - Last update, 2016-04-09

Hot Girls Live Scam

Adult Phone Sex Chat Fraud and Scams

Hot Live Girls (AKA, Hot Girls Live) employ girls from around the country, such as Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg and send them out on a prerogative quest of spamming there services. These Phone Chat Tramps have zero respect for Free Ads SA Adult Dating Advertising Policies and even less respect for themselves.

Phone sex chat fraud and scams

Free Ads SA was spammed to such an extent we lost all rankings in Google Safe Search. These foul mouthed girls infested the classifieds like the flees from a 1 000 Afghan camels would infest a jockeys crotch. Google immediately reacted and demoted the classifieds to the subterranean channels of the dark web.

Hot Live Girls Phone chat spam

Our terms of use and our emails attempts were ignored.

Hot Live Girls Adult Phone sex

I eventually received a response from 'Candy Flakes'.

hotlivegirls email response

Dear Terry (owner of HAHAHA Freeadssa)

I did NOT spam your little baby site in any way - I placed no more than one ad a day. I will gladly not use your site as it IS a very little site that has very little following and actually wastes my time. Your language is rather vulgar for someone in business so I assume that YOU have NO idea as to HOW to DO anything. I need no suggestions from an unsavory person like you as to how to market the few girls ONLY trying to make a small living working at this service. Thank you for clarifying that it IS a waste of my time - as I see just about NO ONE advertises ANYWHERE on your little site. Have a nice day.

I must admit, the email I sent was rude (rudeness seems to work with these girls, I not only got there attention, but also a reply)

The crazy Hot Live Girl now attacks my 'very little site' that actually wastes her time!? But yet they spam it with huge amounts of ads on a daily basis (LOL, and she states, one ad a day!)

Classified adult spam

Coincidently, looking at the above and below images who would you say is vulgar and unsavoury?

Needles to say, the spam did not stop, it continued throughout the month of February and March. That's when I lost my temper and once again started to send out rude emails to the Hot Live Girls. The following day I received a response from a Hot Live Girl named 'Merilyn' at from Bloemfontein in the Free State who apparently works for Hot Live Girls.

Merilyn porn spam

Merilyn was sweat enough to apologies ;)(that was after I threatened her with the cops and a law suit)

Merilyn from hotlivegirls email

The only way I managed to stop these Hot Live Girls tramps was to threaten them with the police and legal action. I also threatened to expose there true identities on the internet, which I will do if they continue spamming (they leave there digital footprints on the Net like an elephant would leave his footprints in a corn field)

Reality is, Hot Girls Live are con-artists and scammers. They spam the internet in hope that men will phone for sex chat. They then charge R1.90 per second (minimum 10 minutes) and if the line is cut after a few seconds you still pay for 10 minutes, and when you phone back you pay an additional 10 minutes @R1.90 per second.

Those who refuse to pay are blackmailed with voice recordings and threaten with law suits. And if you still refuse to pay they contact your parents, wife or employer and play back the phone chat they had recorded.

Between Drdene, aka Dr Denebele and his fake 'Lost Love Spells' and 'Traditional Healer' crap and, it cost Free Ads SA 3 months recovery to gain back our authority in Google Safe Search.

Don't deal with these girls, they are ALL low life tramps that feel nothing for all around them, except themselves, they are the ultimate filth of the internet. Scam Contacts:

Removed by Admin Scam Porn Profiles:

Hot Live Girls porn spam

hotlivegirls phone sex scam

Vile phone chat

Hot Live Girls phone sex spam

And those are only a few of the ads they spammed. Beware, these girls are bad news and will screw you over. scam review posted by - Free Ads SA - Admin

Drdene +27835805415 Scam Fraud    

Drdene Fraudster and Scam Con-Artist

Drdene, aka Dr Denebele must be one of the biggest scam and fraud con-artist on the internet that has more contact profiles than I've had birthday! (and I'm no spring chicken)

Drdene and his fake 'Lost Love Spells' and 'Traditional Healer' crap has been a pain in my @ss since I opened Free Ads SA.

drdenebele@gmail spam fraudster

Drdene as he calls himself has posted hundreds of ads related to lost love spells and traditional healers that have been removed and has on many occasions been warned not to spam duplicate content that exists on other classifieds and has been warned not to post adult orientate images of penis's and boobs. But yet Drdene continues his feeding frenzy of spam to such an extent I've had to dedicate a portion of my life to removing the spam (that pisses me off)

Drdenebele scam fraud

Drdene and the likes of the phone chat tramps, use different free email accounts like, IP addresses, contacts such as +27835805415 and names when creating profiles so it wont help I block profiles and IP's and I don't plan on moderating each ad (pending ads) The entire point of the classifieds is 'real time' advertising. So why should all suffer because of a few juvenile delinquent spammers on a prerogative quest of fraud, scam and irritation.

Drdenebele scam

I'm most definitely not out to win the 'Mr Nice Guy Popularity Contest 2016' for the most polite classifieds. Hence, I've decided to open a fraud scam category allowing myself and members of the public a chance to expose the likes of Drdene and And they can all stand on there heads and blow bubbles through there @sses, I wont remove the spam, scam fraud reviews of Drdene and

The adult oriented spam resulted in Free Ads SA been demoted under safe search, Google classifying Free Ads SA as an adult only site, and was sent to the subterranean channels of the dark web, which did not impress me.

Drdene pure adult spam

Dr Denebele is scam, a con-artist, a spammer and fraudster. DONT trust them, they will con-you.

Scam fraud review posted curtsey of Free Ads SA Admin

New Bank Debit Order Fraud Scams    

Bank Debit Order Fraud Scams South Africa

Fraudsters have uncovered a floor in South Africa's debit order banking system allowing easy withdrawal access, which has resulted in an alarming figure of over 750 000 debit order disputes every month at an inter-bank level.

Absa Bank Debit Order Fraud Update:

Absa Bank have now announced that unauthorised debit orders can be reversed (within 40 days)

Online tool helps you reverse unauthorised debit orders

Debit Order Fraud

Banks such as ABSA, FNB, Nedbank, Capitec and Standard bank have all been targeted.

Reality is, anyone can submit a debit order taking money from an account if they have your banking details (account number and name) and the bank does not question the debit order transaction.

SA banks release money from accounts without a signature on an authorization document or verification, and they don't notify you when a debit order takes place.

In other words. Banks do not in anyway confirm with the account holder before they process debit orders.

Most SA banks in general have a crappy attitude indicating they can't do anything from there side except give the name of the company and contact details and state they only investigate credit card fraud.

And the cops even have a worst attitude. The police (SAPS) won't even open a case because the crime was on the internet and you cant give them a place where the crime took place

Not a single bank (except for Absa Bank) has publicly responded and neither do they seem bothered about this debit order fraud due to them making bucks from unauthorized debit orders by benefiting through the fees charged on reversal transactions and say debit orders have nothing to do with them as it is between you and the person you give permission to take your money.

It makes a person wonder if its not perhaps them selling fraudsters peoples banking details.

Become vigilant, and protect your privacy and contact details as well as banking details.

Latest Classified Fraud and Scam Warnings South Africa    

Classified Fraud and Scam

Just recently we published an article warning South Africans about the new bank debit order fraud scam advising them to be more vigilant, and to protect there privacy and contact details as well as banking details.

Classified Fraud and Scam

As we all know classifieds are targeted by fraudsters and scammers. Free Ads SA receives huge amounts of scam posts, as well as spam per a day that we moderate and remove.

As per date 2016-04-09 Free Ads SA moderates and removes an average of over 50% scam and spam ads per day from our server in an attempt to protect the users.

This by-itself takes time and is extremely labour intense as well as frustrating.

For that reason, and to help the public we've opted to open a Fraud and Scam category on the classifieds, warning people not to deal with these scam artist. The Fraud and Scam category allows you to post warnings that will help avoid others been caught-out.

Become vigilant and scam savvy

Our best advice to you:

1) If the deal sounds to good to be true its usually scam.

2) Don't trust a seller that advertises in an English country but speaks broken English. Specifically if his number is not local and he says his working abroad!

3) Always meet in a public place.

4) Where possible view the product, or get someone else to view the product before handing over money.

5) Become extremely wary of seller who ask for personal information like your bank details, email or debit/credit card number.

5) Try not to deal with buyers who insists on using a cheque, western union or MoneyGram.

We encourage buyers and sellers to let us know if they see ads you think are inappropriate or suspicious.

And on a final note. We cannot be held responsible for consumer fraud.

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