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Online adult dating for men to find your dream partner...
Online adult dating for women to find your lifetime partner...
Erotic phone sex for adults over the age of 18
Online dating for gay men and women

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Free Adult Dating Site For Singles and Couples in South Africa Woman Friendship

Free Adult Dating South Africa

Adult dating sites can now sign up for FREE and so can singles and couples looking for romance, hook-up, phone chat and even casual sex.

Free adult dating site for singles and couples in South Africa

Our free adult dating site allows you to create a profile about yourself and the partner you seek.

The process is extremely simple;

* First register by clicking on 'register' at the top of the page with a legitimate email account that will be used when someone replies to your profile

* We will then forward you your password, which will allow you to login and create a free profile. You may also respond to other profiles via the reply link attached to other dating profiles, for 0ne-0n-One conversation.

Adult Dating Categories

* Adult dating for single men

* Adult dating for single women

* Phone chat for adults over the age of 18

* Dating for gay men and women

Why use our dating website?

In general most adult dating sites that advertise free dating are not free, and usually only allow 1 day free access.

* We are 100% FREE, no strings attached.

* We DONT sell your information to third parties.

* We allow you to use nicknames to protect your true identity.

* email conversation between you and your partner are 0ne-0n-One and private, and is not stored on our server.

* We mask your email address and we use Captcha to protect your email from spammers and email aggregates.

* You are in total control of your dating profile and can edit and delete your account at any given time.

Adult dating advertising rules

Free Adult Dating Classifieds For Women And Men Woman Friendship

Adult Dating For Women And Men - Advertising Rules

Adult Dating For Women And Men

The free adult dating classifieds for men and women in South Africa focuses on non-explicit (we dont advertise Hard Core, nude images) and non-perverted advertising. This means we will not tolerate hard-core images of naked women or men, child porn, or bestiality. We do however allow images of Boobs and Ass!

Words like c*nt, f*ck, p*ssy, etc, will not be tolerated. Google run a Porn Algorithm that filters sites from Safe Search if they come across swearing and naked images.

In recent months Free Ads SA Classifieds has been targeted by (just as all classifieds are) porn spammers, the majority of which are con-artists.

This resulted in the Adult Dating and Chat been filter from Google Safe Search, and resulted in us loosing authority and trust in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Hence, lose of traffic = lose of revenue.

Copy content also contributed to the filter. We ask that you submit ads that are unique, not ads that are already posted all over the internet on other classified sites.

Free Ads SA managed to regain our authority and trust in Google Safe Search, which take some time and will immediately remove ads and ban users that disregard and disrespect our policies.

If you come across explicit images or foul language, please feel free to drop me an email via my profile attached to this ad. We will immediately take action.

Admin, Free Ads SA

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