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Category Tactical Field Kit
Created 2016-07-29
Owner Military Clothing
Title Meal Ready To Eat MRE Packs - Military Field Kit

Meal Ready To Eat MRE Food Packs

Military products based in Cape Town South Africa is the trusted supplier of civilian Military Meals Ready to Eat MRE food packs that come vacuum sealed for extra shelf life and are light weight and easy of use. The food packs come in a variety of meals per 12hr and 24 hr cycle.

Dietary requirements are adhered too and the MRE Packs are developed by professional nutritionalists to ensure correct calorie intake.

Meal Ready To Eat MRE Food Packs

The MRE bag contains a variety of food and drink such as entree, desert, snack, beverage powders, and accessory pack as well as water-activated flameless ration heater. Each MRE Meal Pack has an average of 1250 calories and weighs approximately 21 lbs.

We sell bulk MRE cases to procurement companies in Africa and the Middle East that supply governments, defense or security.

We also supply Utility Flame kits that come with a fold out 'stove'.

You can view our full army product range by visiting our website or contact us direct for prices.

Office: +27 (0) 21 7154335

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