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Category Vehicles/Trucks
Created 2015-09-26
Owner Free Ads SA
Title Motor Vehicle Scam and Fraud South Africa

Registration is required to post a free motor vehicle ad.

You may create a profile and upload 4 of your favorite images and each motor vehicle ad placed can support 9 images (except for trucks and buses) So don't be shy when it comes to uploading motor vehicle images. The editor does support HTML and links.

That said and done, purchasing a motor vehicle can be one of the largest purchases a consumer will make. Hence, the need for accurate and honest information in any advertisement or sale of a motor vehicle is crucial.

To ensure compliance, dealers and private sellers should review their advertisement and sales practices for possible statements and representations that may have the capacity to mislead or deceive a buyer. The buyers themselves should be vigilant when it comes to automobile scam and motor vehicle fraudsters that pray on gullible and innocent car buyers.

And lastly. Free Ads SA does not accept deceptive automobile advertising practices and we will remove ads we deem deceptive. We can also not be held responsible for scam deals due to them been out of our control.

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Promotion level Gold
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