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Category Adult Phone Chat
Created 2016-03-24
Owner merilyn
Title Scam Adult Phone Sex Reviews and Spam Removal
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Scam Adult Phone Sex Reviews

The users Advert and Profile has been removed due to foul language and scam.

If we come across Adult Sex Chat Ads that are spam, scam, copy or foul mouthed we will removed them from our classifieds.

View Adult Sex Chat Ads Terms for further details.

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Scam Phone Sex Reviews

For more details read our Scam Adult Phone Sex Reviews

In a 'Nut Shell'

Sex phone chatters need to be vigilant when using Adult Phone Sex Lines. There are a few out there that are scam.

They spam the internet in hope that men will phone for sex chat. They then charge a rate per second (example; minimum 10 minutes) and if the line is cut after a few seconds you still pay for 10 minutes, and when you phone back you pay an additional 10 minutes @rate per second.

Those who refuse to pay are blackmailed with voice recordings and threaten with law suits. And if you still refuse to pay they contact your parents, wife or employer and play back the phone sex chat they recorded.

A word of advice; always read the terms, and more important, understand them.

Otherwise, your phone sex chat might come back and bite you (that's when the scam phone sex tramps play the recording back to your wife)

BEWARE of the scam phone sex chat tramps, you have been warned!!

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