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A Casual Dating Security Thought For The Day By Firearm classifieds Cyber SEO

This is an awareness article and is not meant to scare you from online dating, whether it casual, sexual or cheating.

Free Ads SA cannot guarantee the safety of your personal information on our site and neither can any other site (if they tell you any different, they talking crap) It is advised you don't use your true identity online, regardless of the site and it is advised you use an alias email address that cant be easily traced back to you. Always remembering your digital fingerprints are bigger than you think, making it extremely easy to track your movements.

Our adult online dating site is based in South Africa and does not request any personal information and allows you to submit false identities and bogus emails as not to be traced by social engineers and hackers that prowl the internet on a prerogative quest of stealing your personal information. Hook-ups between you and your matching partner will happen in the email account you register with and not on our site or server.

The internet will never be secure and security as we know it is a mere poignant of the imagination. Hackers are one step ahead and will find vulnerabilities, taking advantage of them like they do on a daily basis by hacking so called secure sites and government sites. The Sony hack been a good example of personal data-drops and the US Government OPM (Office of Personnel Management) that was recently hacked by suspected Chinese hackers who stole over 21 million sensitive documents of US federal employees.

Casual and cheating online dating sites are extremely vulnerable due to the sensitive information they store like sexual fantasies, images, bank and credit card info as well as true names and addresses of people cheating on there spouses, which if leaked could result in divorce, let alone been sued for child support or loose your job and status in life when all around you finds out about your sick fetish fantasies and penchant love for cheating.

In the last three months 2 popular adult dating sites were hacked exposing millions of users credentials, which ranged from secret sexual fantasies to banking details, credit card transactions, real names and addresses. Those two dating sites were AdultFriendFinder, a hookup site and, which is an online cheating site whose slogan is 'Life is short. Have an affair'. The Ashley Madison data that was stolen compromised close to 40 million users that had been cheating on there spouses. Now you yourself could just imagine the repercussions if there spouses came across the data-drops and found out they were using an adult dating site to cheat!.


Never take it for granted you are safe and secure, and if you plan on cheating the least you can do is create a bogus email account, use a false username and cover your digital fingerprints. And you might want to think twice before handing out your credit card information on dating sites, specifically if you cheating on your spouse.

Enjoy ;) its for free and good luck in finding your lifetime match, friend for life, or for that matter, sex partner.

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