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Classified Ad Removals from

You yourself have total control over your ads. You can modify and delete as you please once logged-in to your account/profile.

But on occasions advertisers forget/loss there login info (below image) if so navigate to the login page and click on 'I have forgotten my password, send me a new one by email!'. We will then send you your login information.

Password recovery

Removal request pertaining to someone/something else

If you come across copyright ads or ads that are unjust, abusive or offensive then please let us know. We will investigate and take action.

That said and done we have no control over Google search results, or for that matter any other search results. We do however maintain full control over the classified ads on our server.

Please feel free to contact us via the contact link at the bottom of the page, explaining your reason and the page URL.

We will then remove the ad for you from OUR SERVER. Once removed from our server Google and other search engines first need to crawl the 404 not found ad, only then will they amend the search results, which could take weeks to months.

Due to abuse and harassment from users that post ads and then contact us demanding removal from Google search results which we have very little control over we now charge for Google search results removals that are submitted via Webmaster Tools usually taking a few minutes to hours.

TAKE NOTE This is not a form of blackmail. You are in control of your own ads and can edit or remove them. Submitting removal requests via Webmaster Tools from Google search results takes time, that is why we request payment for removals from Google. We do NOT request payment for removals from our site.