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About classifieds in South Africa

Hi and welcome to the Cyber world of free Classifieds in South Africa. The classifieds were created in August 2015 using a program that was trashed for scrap by a competitor after purchased it (not one of my competitors) and was last updated in 2007.

The program is far from mobile responsive and has multiple SEO issues as well as usability issues. So in the near and not so far future you can expect minor to major changes with regards to functionality and usability. That should keep me off the streets for a while, and out the pubs.

The reason I chose this platform/program was due to its simplicity and functionality. The platform itself already has a strong foundation to work from, and is perfect for my needs.

That said and done, the site is 100% safe to use.

To post a free ad you need to register or login, or simply surf classifieds via most recent, most popular or by filtering search.

We offer two types of classified ads. The first is for free and the second is paid promotion featured ads that remain at the top of the classifieds and do not drop when new ads are submitted. All bucks made from advertising will go towards enhancing a better classified environment.

Once logged-in you can create a profile, submit ads, upload images, edit and remove ads. There is no need to register to respond to ads via email or telephone contact.

And don't forget to read the terms of use.

About the Author

Terry, Cyber SEO and SEM South Africa

Terry lives in the Knysna Plettenberg Bay area in the Western Cape South Africa and is founder and creator of and and is also an 'apprentice' cyber crime article writer.

His interests range from hacking, intrusion detection, vulnerabilities, web-based malware research to site security as well as SEO and SEM with over 8 years experience and is obsessed with crawler behaviour and computer science.